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Travel Insurance

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Home Insurance

  This policy is designed to provide coverage and a cushion against various risks faced by your home and to make your life better and tension free.                         

Crops Insurance

Crop insurance is purchased by agricultural producers, including farmers, ranchers, and other to protect themselves against either the loss of their crops to natural disasters or the loss or revenue due to declines

Bond insurance

   BID BONDS                                Bid Bonds are required in connection with the submission of tenders for contracts with private/public owner. The subj

Miscellaneous Insurance

  It is the concern of property owners and all others financing the purchase of movable items to seek insurance protection for the subject matter vulnerable to the risk of burglary.           

Engineering Insurance

 CONTRACTOR’S ALL RISKS INSURANCE                                The contractors undertaking construction projects require insurance protection for indemnity

Marine Insurance

Marine Cargo insurance is required by the importers, exporters, traders, banks financing the imports/exports and other persons interested in the cargoes against loss or damage during transit from the place of origin in Pakistan or abroad up to delive

Fire Insurance

Property insurance is required by owners of buildings, machinery, plants, stocks and contents. It is also availed by other persons legally interested in the property of residenti

Motor Insurance

SGI offers insurance protection at minimum cost to customers in respect of the following covers:-