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Miscellaneous Insurance

It is the concern of property owners and all others financing the purchase of movable items to seek insurance protection for the subject matter vulnerable to the risk of burglary.

Everybody is exposed to various hazards in the day to day activities. One of the main classes of risks of a very serious nature an individual is faced with is the personal risk of accidental death or permanent disablement; the latter can result in poor health and a drastic fall in earning capacity. The policy devised by SGI in respect of i) Personal Accident (Individual Persons) ii) Group Personal Accident

covers the accidental bodily injury causing • Death • Permanent total disability • Partial disability The coverage for personal accidents including travel is worldwide.

MONEY INSURANCE SGI policy for money insurance is broadened to include Cash, Bank notes, Cheques, Postal orders, or Money orders.

COVERAGE AVAILABLE CASH IN TRANSIT The major risks involved are Robbery, Holdup, and Theft. The insurance cover is available against loss occasioned by forcible, violent, external, and visible means.

CASH IN SAFE CASH ON COUNTER The indemnity is provided for the loss of • cash in safe • cash on the counter by theft consequent upon actual forcible and violent entry upon the premises insured. (subject to the policy terms, conditions and exclusions)

FIDELITY GUARANTEE INSURANCE It is required by the employers interested in the cover whereby they are indemnified against losses resulting from the dishonesty of the employees. The SGI Fidelity Guarantee policy covers all such direct pecuniary losses as a result of any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by the employee(s). Consequential loss is not covered. SGI underwriters have the honor of rendering service for the suitability of cover from the following types of fidelity guarantee policies:-

1. Named person (Individual) policy 2. Collective policy 3. Blanket policy 4. Positions policy. Plate Glass Insurance Plate Glasses are fitted in lots of buildings and due to their fragility, they can get damaged because of multiple accidental reasons therefore, in order to remain protected, businesses want to cover their Plate Glasses through insurance which SGI is providing against the risk of accidental breakage. Security General Insurance Company Ltd, in case of a loss, would either pay a sum equal to the value of the broken glass, calculated at the current market price of glass on the date of the breakage, less the value of any salvage or will replace the broken glass with glass of similar quality, subject to furnishing of satisfactory proofs of loss. OTHER COVERS. • Mobile phone Insurance • All Risks insurance (Personal effects only) • Workmen’s Compensation • Employers Liability • Products Liability • Public liability • Third-party liability