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At Security General, we understand that you want an insurance solution tailored to your unique situation and immediate claim backup in case of loss. We also know that value of time and convenience are important to you. SGI really shines in Pakistan, to providing the correct amount of protection with right coverage’s for your personal insurance need. Our experts can tailor an insurance solution for you with the keen attention that you deserve.

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Motor Insurance

SGI offers insurance protection at minimum cost to customers in respect of the following covers:-

  • Private Car
  • Commercial Vehicle
  • Motor Cycle

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Fire Insurance

Property insurance is required by owners of buildings, machinery, plants, stocks and contents. It is also availed by other persons legally interested in the property of residenti

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Marine Insurance

Marine Cargo insurance is required by the Importers, Exporters, Traders, and Banks for import/export financing and other person who is interested to send some cargo from one place to another, against loss or damage during transit from the place of origin in Pakistan or abroad up to delivery at final destination.

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Engineering Insurance

The contractors undertaking construction projects require insurance protection for indemnity during the contracts period against loss or damage to:-

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Miscellaneous Insurance

It is the concern of property owners and all others financing the purchase of movable items to seek insurance protection for the subject matter vulnerable to the risk of burglary.

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Bond insurance

Bid Bonds are required in connection with the submission of tenders for contracts with private/public owner. The subject is to guarantee that the bidder (Contractor), if awarded the contract, will enter into the contract and furnish the Prescribed Performance Bond.

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Stories and information to help you plan, prepare and protect what matters most.


This reserve covers claims that have been incrurred but not yed reported to the Company.

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Customer told us the things they dislike most insurnce. We listened and cleared.

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